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Linksys / Cisco Valet Review & Giveaway

I have always found Linksys / Cisco products to be the easiest, and most reliable routers on the market.  This was a perfect match for me when I was offered to do a review / giveaway of a Linksys / Cisco Valet wireless router.

The Valet comes with a “Easy Setup Key” for configuring your device/devices fast, and easy.  The Valet is a router capable of “N” speeds.  There are also enhanced parental controls that help aid in restricting keywords, sites, and even time that a computer can surf.  Different than previous Linksys routers that I have had this one has a “Guest” account so that your login information is different than anyone that may be visiting, and using your router temporarily.  This Valet handles 4 wired computers.

Within 10 minutes of unboxing I had this router fully working.  My network required a bit more time because it is on a Server so I reconfigured some of my computers to a seperate network for this purpose.  I recommend this router for anyone that has ever had a problem getting a router installed, or anyone that just doesn’t want to have a computer technician come out to install a wireless router.  The only thing that I didn’t like was the color.  I got used to the blue/black coloring of the original routers, and also I just don’t like white.

Cisco Valet wireless routers (www.thevalet.com) are the super-simple fool-proof way to set up wireless in the home in 3 easy steps and the perfect companion to all the hot consumer electronics this season that require wi-fi.  Since it’s so simple to set up, Valet is the perfect companion to consumer electronics gifts and also the best way to make sure even your most tech-challenged friends or relatives have a wireless connection.  So no more visits to the coffee shop for your wireless connection when you’re visiting them unless it’s actually for coffee!

More about Valet below:

  • Setting up any device to work on and connect to the network takes a couple of minutes. It comes with a USB key so it works quick. Easy to Use!
  • Visitors can access the Wi-Fi connection from their laptop, smartphone, or other device without accessing the private home network. Easy guest log-on and protection for those that didn’t know they even needed protection!
  • Parental controls that allow parents to manage every devices that kids use to connect. Safety First!
  • Easy way to provide wireless for laptops, iPads, gaming systems, Wi-Fi enabled TVs, e-readers, and any other products that require wireless

I was sent a Valet for the purposes of reviewing the product.  Receiving the product had no influence on our review.  Linksys/Cisco also supplied a Valet for a giveaway.

Now onto the contest details…

Main entry…

Visit the Linksys / Cisco site and tell me which router you think would work best for your home.

Additional entries… (1 additional per)

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This contest will run from 2/5/2011 through 2/28/2011.  The winner will be randomly chosen.  The winner will have 3 days to contact us.  After 3 days a new winner will be chosen.