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Read About Market Street Whoops Since Upgrade

If you can’t make a game work for everyone… Don’t make a game, or don’t do updates.

I was a faithful Market Street player on Facebook.  This was until last week sometime when Playdom decided to do a upgrade to the game.  While I understand that updates make games more enjoyable I also understand that when something doesn’t work for everyone that something needs to go back to its original state until the update is debugged.  I have sent in tickets to Playdom and gotten back that they are working on the issue and then they close my ticket.  Hmmm?  Why close a ticket to a problem that isn’t resolved?  Pretty counterproductive of the initial problem ticket even being made.  Don’t even bother telling them that due to their issues you have lost your bonus, or inventory because they don’t care.

They have even tried implying it was software on my computer.  What they fail to realize is that my wife, and daughter both play on Market Street and it works on that account.  It isn’t a Flash, Shockwave, Browser, or any other type of incompatibility.  Try again.

So here is what we should ALL do.  Flood the Playdom ticket system with tickets about our inoperable Market Street games.  Maybe then they will help resolve everyones issue with the game.

Go HERE —–> Playdom Support <—–