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Stop Complaining

Tonight my wife came to me and started complaining that she was out of the protein powder that she uses.  Last year she found a protein powder that she sprinkled on her foods, and it helped her get the necessary protein that was needed to help with her weight loss.

I told her that she needed to stock up a bit more, and not wait till last minute.  After that she proceeded to dig up the diet that she was using from when her mother was alive.  I never felt the diet actually worked, and I told her many times back then that she should just find diet pills that work instead of goofing off with this diet that always left her hungry.

I Am Walking Regularly To Lose Weight

My wife has been picking on me a little more lately about my weight.  With the lack of work that I have had I don’t move around much, and have very little activity.  With these factors at play I gained a bit of weight.  I decided recently to start urging my wife to start her neighborhood walk up again.  This previously helped her a lot, and I told her that I wanted to do this with her.  I am trying to work on a stomach weight loss solution for both of us.  I know that we have to do a lot more than just walking, but this is a start that I needed to make.

Eat Less Not More

My wife has been dieting for some time.  She is always looking into new ways to lose weight.  She has a few routine things that she does to help keep her weight down.  She walks around our neighborhood daily, and she also works out with the assistance of Wii fitness games that she has.  She was told about several different weight loss pills that other people she knows take.  I have told her to be careful with these pills because everything seems to have some sort of side effect.  I proved this to her by searching for diet pill adverse reactions, and several sites came up that explained the different things that people have experienced, and  apidexin side effects had quite a few results.

Have you ever taken a diet pill, and had a bad experience, or adverse reactions?  How did you work through the problem?