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Isabella VizitMe Photo Frame Review

We were asked if we wanted to review a “2 way” photo frame from Vizit.  Being a big technology person we accepted the offer.  We have 1 digital photo frame in the house currently, but this is technology that I have been waiting for.

So what is the Vizit frame, and what is the big deal with it you ask.

The VizitMe frame is a 10.4″ touchscreen.  Service options are purchased at time of initial sale.  Setting up the frame is very easy.  Unbox, plug it in, and then log into the VizitMe site to setup your approved senders, and a few other options.  There is a usb connector, and also a sd card slot on the base.  There is a wall bracket included with the photo frame, so wall hanging is possible.  The frame works off of 3G cellular signals.  Being that the frame needs to have senders authorized you won’t be receiving “Spam” photos.  You never can tell what you would receive if the frame didn’t have this feature.  When you send over a single photo they appear almost instantly.  Sending a batch of photos takes a bit longer.  The online page allows others that don’t have a frame to see your photos also.

Wall Mounted

The frame goes for @$280.  The Basic Plan (Monthly service) is @$6, or the Premium Plan (yearly service) is @$80.  The monthy plan limits you to 100 photos, and the yearly allows 1450 photos.

What Comes In the Box:

  • Vizit Photo Frame
  • AC Adapter
  • Wall Mount
  • User Guide & Quick Start
  • Terms & Conditions Agreement

When we received the frame we had to call into tech support because the frame wasn’t activated at time of arrival.  The tech support rep was very friendly, and helped us through the issue.

Here are the pros and cons of the frame…


  1. You can send photos directly to the frame from your cell, computer, etc.
  2. The frame can receive photos from others that have been authorized as approved senders.
  3. No memory cards are necessary to load photos.
  4. You can reply directly from the frame to the sender with text that you configure.


  1. The monthly cost looks a big high in my impression.
  2. No “Out of the box” option to use “wireless network” instead.
  3. Picture count for either plan may be a bit low depending on the person.
  4. The frame “carousel” is a bit sluggish.

My end opinion is that this is a great idea for someone that wants to do very little work to have photos in a digital frame.  The cost is a bit high for most average endusers.  Come up with a “FREE” version, and the frame may be a bit more attractive to shoppers.  A frame working on a home wireless network is possible.  On the other hand if you need to get a gift for the person that has everything, then this is something they probably don’t have.  My wife liked the overall concept of the frame.

If I had $380 then I would consider purchasing this item.  With the economy as tight as it is I can’t justify it right now.  Santa keep me in mind this year.

The frame gets a  8 out of 10.

We received the Vizit frame for a 10 day period.  We were asked to review the product.  Receiving the product for review has no influence on our opinion.