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Stay Out Of Seaside Heights

I have been avoiding Seaside Heights for a few years now.  Ever since I stopped working as a private security guard I haven’t had the desire to go there.  I don’t even like to go to that town for work.  Well, recently I went to Seaside to check out a job that needed servicing.  When I got into the town I had a bad feeling.  I turned the corner one block from my destination, and saw a police car following me.  I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

A minute later I saw lights flashing behind me.  I pulled over, and asked the officer what I had done.  He said nothing, and that my vehicle wasn’t registered.  He advised me that the camera system on the car had run my plate.  I searched my paperwork to find that the dealership I purchased my truck from hadn’t taken the time to renew my registration.  The officer went back and talked to his supervisor about not towing the vehicle.  I only received a ticket.

Don’t you just love it when people don’t do the things that they belong doing?

Just Got Myself A Newer Vehicle

With the cost of gas being so much we have been discussing getting a vehicle for the past month.  Some of the companies I work for don’t have any concern for how much gas one can use to get a job done.  We went down to the dealership that we got my wife her car at so that we could get her license plates done for her NEW car.  While there a truck caught my eye.

I spotted a 2006 White Ford F150.  There was nothing wrong with the body at all.  No scratches, or anything at all.  We checked out the engine, and the inside of the truck.  The truck was a single owner vehicle, and only had 46,000 miles.  Knowing how car sales works I told the salesman to go get his best price.  He did, and it was exactly what I thought.

Now that I have the truck I want to make it look a bit more personal to me.  I was thinking of one of those license plate brackets made of silver chains, maybe a windshield visor, and definitelly some rain guards.

When you get a car do you make it a personal thing?

What Do The Manufacturers Think?

Around my house a random fix to something that is broken is nothing uncommon.  The other day my wife was complaining about something not working in her car.  I went out and tried to see what the problem was.  After almost 30 minutes I found that there were two retaining rings that had bent.  In most cases I am pretty good about fixing the car, but this time I had to do some research on how to fix the problem.  In the end I found the solution, and fixed the problem.

Why do the manufacturers of things try to make it so hard to fix things?  I am pretty sure that they want to make the money in the repairs rather than having the regular person fixing it.