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Camping Timeshare?

I got a call the other day from the campground that we normally stay at.  The manager was telling me about a new promotion that they were going to be offering.  Basically the promotion was $1000 for unlimited stays at any campground that they are part of.  This would be nice if we camped out a bit more than we do.  The biggest factor that pushes me away is that I have a timeshare, and I can’t afford to camp all that much currently.  This would be great if I could justify @20 nights of camping.  This calculation was arrived at by figuring @$50 per night.  The other thing that pushed me away is that I would still have rv towing to do.  The camper has to get there somehow, doesn’t it?

We talked last year about camping a bit more, and even thought of upgrading our current camper.  Money was a bit tight, and planning a cruise in April made us decide that we couldn’t afford to do that right now.  Eventually we do want to upgrade out of the current camper we are in because it is a bit small, and I would like to be comfortable when I camp.

What do you think about offers like this?  Would you take it if you thought you might use it?

Disney DVC 2010 Point Changes

While I am a loyal Disney Vacation Club member, I must state my opinion on a topic that has seemingly put a lot of DVC members in a rage.

Here is my question… How would a body of people appeal this type of decision?  Disney seemingly does everything behind closed doors.  Look at what they did with the smokers, and DVC resorts…  (read that article HERE)

Disney Vacation Club for many years has had their points schedules structured towards weekday use.  (Sunday night through Thursday night)  It came to public knowledge that DVC has changed this structure starting in 2010.
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Disney DVC News #4

While DVC has come across as the most economical way to vacation in my mind, the economy is really chopping away at other peoples dreams of taking a vacation.  Here is News Update #4 on DVC.

1. Disney allows purchases of DVC to be financed.  Certain limitations are in place that I never actually knew.  Point purchases under 50 points are not eligible for financing through Disney, while other restrictions apply to other point purchases.

A. 25-49 points = No financing.  Full payment ONLY.
B. 50-99 points = Full financing at Full price.
C. 100 + points = Full financing, and incentive / bonus offers are eligible.

2. Disney had previously eliminated the 25 point add-on in the past.  Disney has fully reinstated the 25 point addon policy.

3. Disney had originally announced that they were going to require 200 point minimum purchase at Bay Lake Towers.  Disney has abandoned this.

4. While it doesn’t just pertain to DVC… Disney Magical Express has made a policy change that is supposed to take effect on March 30, 2009.  Baggage pickup will no longer be handled prior to 5am, or after 10pm.  Guests must bring their luggage to the Disney Magical Express counter with them at time of check-in.

5. The Orlando Sentinel reported that Disney has lost one of their DVC financing sources.  Full article here.