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Kids Have A Mind Of Their Own

Today our daughter decided she wanted to go out in the back yard and attempt to get a tan.  I told her that the sun is on vacation right now, and a tan would only be possible if she went to something like a sunless tanning booths.  She got very upset with me, and returned to trying.

A little later on we noticed one of our daughters friends walking around in a bathing suit top.  Well… I wonder if she fell out of a tree when she was younger because it is May, and the weather may be nice for the day, but far from summer weather.  She proceeded to tell us that her pool was open.  I can’t imagine how anyone in New Jersey could have their pool open yet.  The nights still get rather cold.

Am I behind the times, or do people sometimes do absolutely brilliant things?

Swimming Pool Necessities

Back about 3 years ago we had a swimming pool installed.  I had been around swimming pools for years, but never had the ultimate privilege, or opportunity to care for one.  Getting a pool gave me plenty of opportunity.  For the first year everything went well for the most part.  The second year things got a little hairy. By the third year I was back on track with keeping everything just about right.

We purchase all the chemicals at the end of the year before so that we can save a little money the next year.  We also decided to purchase an electronic tester.  It made it so that we didn’t have to have individual ph meters, chlorine meters, and alkalinity meters.

One of the tricks I learned from my neighbor is that when opening our pool we now use @8 bags of shock, and run the pool for @24 hours.  The pool will go from green to cloudy overnight.

What do you use, and how reliable is it for you?  Have you ever used an electronic tester?  How did it work for you?