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Too Many Different Shopping Days To Remember

When I was a child I don’t remember hearing of half of these “Shopping Days” that have been coming up.  I know that Black Friday has been around forever.  The other ones seem to be appearing continuously.  There is the online version of Black Friday… Pink Friday.  I just read about another that I have never heard of that is Green Monday.

Why can’t retailers just leave everything alone and run the specials without all these wacky names?

Black Friday Is Over

Now that Black Friday is over I don’t have to hear about this years shopping extravaganza anymore.  I was stupid enough to go to one store on Black Friday to make a purchase for someone, and I think that that will be the last time I am in those lines.  I would rather have my wife searching through coupons, discounts, or other online deals rather than subject myself to the madness that the holidays bring.

I worked Black Friday once in my life, and most of the people at that store were shocked to see me there that morning.  We were only back @50 people, but it seemed like we were 100 back.  Time didn’t move either.  I got there at @10:30pm, and by 11:30pm I was ready to leave.  All went well.  I got in, picked out the stuff, and left.  I didn’t see anyone camping out at the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets, but maybe that’s because you just can’t camp out there.

Now that Black Friday is over I get massive amounts of specials that stores are offering.  Go figure.