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Facebook Contests Are Great

I have entered a few contests on blogs in the past, but now I found that some contests are also run on Facebook.

Guess what I just won for just posting a short video about why I could use something.  I won a Innocase Active X from Seidio for my Sprint Samsung Epic 4G.

Created for those that have and want to maintain their active lifestyle in mind, the Innocase Active X provides great shock and impact absorption while adding minimal bulk.  This two-layer case features a compact and lightweight rubber polymer with a precisely positioned hard skeleton for added protection.  The arachnid design of the skeleton extends out to protect vulnerable parts of your device, such as the corners and sides.

– Obtain maximum protection with minimal thickness
– Interior casing made from highly durable and impact absorbing polymer
– Hard exterior skeleton is finished with our signature rubberized coating and provides extra protection at the corners and sides
– Case will not interfere with photo quality or flash
– Easy to put in and pull out of your pocket or purse and finger grooves for easy gripping
– The power and volume buttons are covered but remain functional while all other ports and controls are open and accessible