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Microsoft Has Gotten Pretty “Dirty”!

When a person purchases an operating system they would expect to have some sort of technical support options available to them.  If you purchase a computer with an operating system, then you normally get support through the computer manufacturer.  Recently I purchased Small Business Server 2008 for a client.  This is not a cheap software package.  Installation went very smooth incredibly enough.  After rebooting a few times, and allowing some software updates to go in I found that the computer started giving me the message that “Bootmgr is missing.”  Well, being the type of person that doesn’t want to talk to some foreigner about a problem I started searching the web to see if others had the same issue.  I found that there were numerous other accounts of this.  I tried all the solutions given, and nothing worked.  Currently the server only boots if there is some sort of cd / dvd in the drive.  During boot I just don’t hit anything to boot to the cd / dvd.  I just let it go, and it boots up to a working environment.  But this isn’t the way the software was meant to work.

I next proceeded to look through the Microsoft website for contact phone numbers to reach technical support.  Much like the infamous “Phone Circles” that we all get caught in I found their website almost identical to this.  I ended up Googling to find their phone number.  I got a rep on the phone, and explained my problem.  He came back on the phone, and proceeded to tell me that “Small Business Server 2008 retail comes with no FREE support options.”  He then told me that it would cost @$500 to have the problem resolved.  This was on a Saturday.  He said that I could call in on Monday, and get a cheaper rate.  I asked him what he thought was cheaper, and he replied that it would be @$250. 

To this date the Server is still doing the same thing, and I keep looking for solutions.

When a person purchases something for $1000+ they usually would expect some sort of support to be available.  Microsoft has gotten too big for themselves, and I hope that someone somewhere finds a way to implicate them in some sort of legal matter so that maybe Microsoft will understand that they are taking advantage of too many people.  Microsoft is comprised of a bunch of crooks, and they need to be brought to justice.

This is proven by the fact that Windows 7 was crammed down everyones throat, and Windows Vista was still “Drying in the corner.”  Don’t get me wrong when I speak about Windows 7.  This is by far one of the best operating systems that I have seen to date.  What I don’t like is that all the people that spent a lot of hard earned money on Vista ended up having to purchase Windows 7 because Windows Vista was so painful to operate, and also very buggy.

Microsoft is treating everyone on the globe like dirt, and if anyone can point me in a solution that would get me away from using Microsoft, then I would greatly consider almost anything legitimate.  By the way… Don’t suggest a Mac because I do not like any product made by Apple.  I will work on them because there is good income in servicing them, but owning one… NOPE!  Apple computers in my opinion are for children.  If you can’t operate a computer, then a Mac is for you.