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Shows That You Just Can’t Stand To See Cancelled

I watch TV quite a bit with my wife.  Over the years we have noticed more and more how a show just doesn’t make it more than 1 or 2 seasons if they are lucky.  Some of the ones that we liked a lot make it even longer, but end up being killed off by the producers.

The TV show LOST was a show that kept us hanging continuously each week.  The very ending was far from what we thought.  I personally didn’t like the ending, but after that many seasons they had to put it to bed.

Another show that we loved was Vegas.  They did a good job with the show in keeping it fresh.  I never did find out why they cancelled that one.

The other one that I thought would have made it far was the Playboy Club.  This show should have been a homerun in my opinion because it had crime, and women in sexy bunny costumes.

My wife was upset with how Heroes was ended.  I never watched it, so I can’t put my two cents in.

What is your take on how TV has become?