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Security Is Necessary

I have had a camera system up and running for the purposes of showing customers what a camera system can do.  I never put a lot of time into where I pointed the cameras, or other small things.  This was to be strictly a demo system.  Well just about 1-1 1/2 weeks ago I went out to my car to go to work.  I found a bunch of stuff on the seat, and among other things my gps was missing.  This was rather puzzling to me.  I asked my wife if she had moved it, and she said that she didn’t.  She suggested I check over everywhere I might have had it.  I did just that.  After thinking about everything I realized that our car had been robbed.  I called the police, and had a report done.  The officer told me that since I had cameras to check between 1am and 3am.

I had my wife sit down at the recorder and visually check each timestamp that she found.  Next thing you know she spotted our neighborhood skunk.  If it wasn’t for that skunk she may not have noticed what came next.  Our car door light came on at @2am.  Well, we were all in bed so there lay the problem.  We now knew when he came, and other things.  Funny part is that he was on a bicycle the entire time he was at the cars.

Here is what I personally know… Suspect is male, white, @5’8”, and he was wearing a tank top.

Thief caught on camera breaking into cars.

The police have the technology to clean up my video so I leave this in their hands now.  I have since revamped the system, and I am currently working on installing more cameras around the house.  Digging up information on my old gps was difficult, but I ended up finding the information.  Replacing the gps is the challenge.  I had one with Bluetooth, and all the bells and whistles.  We have been searching for the right gps since.  I prefer Magellan units, and that is where I am leaning.  They have expanded to carry more motorcycle friendly gps units.  Being I don’t ride a motorcycle I have to narrow the search a bit more.

Here is a suggestion for everyone out there.  Smile… You may be on candid camera.

X10 SC1200 Security Alarm Console Review

X10 SC1200

I have recently tried out a new product from X10.  While this isn’t going to tell you what diet pills work best it will tell you about the brand new security console, the SC1200.  For many years I was using a security console that seemed like it was made back in the 70’s.  The new console looks, and operates like a modern piece of technology.

X10 Protector

The Sc1200 has a lcd screen, keypad, tamper alert, and works with wireless, and wired sensors.  It is fully compatible with 90% of the original X10 accessories, and there are even new accessories that you can purchase like a thermostat roll-back unit.  The SC1200 uses 4 AA batteries for battery backup.  It comes with a power supply, and phone cable.  The SC1200 also mounts to a wall without additional hardware, which the Protector unit needed a wall mount that cost additional.

In comparison to the original Protector, the SC1200 is much nicer to look at, seems to have a bit more range than its predecessor.  The new SC1200 also handles a maximum of 32 zones whereas the Protector could only handle 16 zones.  For the most part a large house should be able to work with one unit.  One of the best features that I like is that you can call into the SC1200 and operate the unit as if you were home.  You can arm, disarm, turn lights on, and see what zone got tripped if an alarm went off.  Another great feature is that you can control the delays for entry, exit, dial, and answering.

When using the new techology accessories you gain additional benefits.  The new door/window sensors come ready for wireless, but can also have a wired contact added to it.  X10 has definitelly thought of the user for the new line of hardware.

The only thing that I have found to be a bit annoying with the new system is that the wireless light modules will only work if your house wiring is coupled together between the phases.  This isn’t a major problem, but for someone that just wants to be up, and running this could be a small disappointment.  This was my problem because my WS467 units will not interact with the SC1200 currently, and I have to add a house coupler to get all my modules to work.

I give the SC1200 a 9 out of 10.