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Waiting For My Quad To Return

Back around the beginning of the year I sent my quad to the vocational school to be worked on.  It was forgotten for a little while, but they are going to be working on it again.  This was a great opportunity to have something fixed, and also help some kids learn something at the same time.  I am anxious to get my quad back.  I haven’t been quading in quite a few years.  I have been given the OK by my uncle L to come to his house and use his acres.  Once it comes back I have to dig out my riding clothes, and my bell helmets.  I am not like some intelligent people that ride without the correct safety equipment.  Wear a helmet if you want to keep your melon intact.

Have you ever missed something even though you didn’t use it in quite some time?

Anxiously Awaiting My Quad To Return

I have bought a lot of things in life that I really didn’t need.  Many years ago I purchased a quad.  I don’t regret buying it.  I only now wish I had purchased 2 quads so that my wife, or my daughter could go riding with me.  Back before I went away to Florida my neighbor offered to take my quad into vocational school for a tune up and minor repairs.  It just so happens that I know the teacher from when my father knew a racing team.  I have only had to spend a few dollars on a spark plug at this point.  When the repairs are all done I plan to take weekend trips to my uncles to ride.  The only thing that I am going to have to get when all is said and done is 1 or 2 riding helmets.

It has been so long since I went out and just did something that I enjoyed.  I try not to do much because I am very money minded.