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Android Life Made Easy

I am very attached to my Android phone.  I used to have a Blackberry, and I don’t regret getting rid of it.  Well, I am continually looking for software that will make my life easier.

AppBrain App

I found a site that makes it so I can tag apps that I want, and then they save in the system for a app to bring up for easier installation without hunting for the app in the Market.  This site is AppBrain.  Here is the QR code for their app.  You will still need to go to their site to register, and use the features.

One of the most important apps that I have gotten is the barcode scanner app.  With this app I can scan QR codes.  (They are just like UPC codes on products.)  Recently I found out that I can share the app with others just by letting them scan my QR code that comes up on the screen when I ask for it.  This comes in handy because sometimes you find an app that others may want, but can’t access it on the Market for some reason or another, or they just don’t want to take the time to look for it.  All you have to do is bring up Barcode Reader, and hit share.

Here are a few QR codes to test out.  See where they take you on your Android phone.

There are a lot of different things that Androids can do, and the list seems to be ever increasing.