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Just Got Myself A Newer Vehicle

With the cost of gas being so much we have been discussing getting a vehicle for the past month.  Some of the companies I work for don’t have any concern for how much gas one can use to get a job done.  We went down to the dealership that we got my wife her car at so that we could get her license plates done for her NEW car.  While there a truck caught my eye.

I spotted a 2006 White Ford F150.  There was nothing wrong with the body at all.  No scratches, or anything at all.  We checked out the engine, and the inside of the truck.  The truck was a single owner vehicle, and only had 46,000 miles.  Knowing how car sales works I told the salesman to go get his best price.  He did, and it was exactly what I thought.

Now that I have the truck I want to make it look a bit more personal to me.  I was thinking of one of those license plate brackets made of silver chains, maybe a windshield visor, and definitelly some rain guards.

When you get a car do you make it a personal thing?

Camper Work Is Complete

About 2 weeks ago we went to a camper place to get a new part for the heating system in the camper we were using.  While we were there my wife decided that she wanted to just look at pricing to see how the camper market had gone.  The salesman pointed us to a few units.  After going through them my wife and I decided on one specific unit.  We went back to the campsite to discuss getting it.  The next day we went back to the dealer and signed for it.

Once we got it back we went through the camper real good.  We checked the few things that we initially addressed at the camper dealer.  We found out that the salesman was far from truthful about some things.  The floor at the back of the camper has a problem.  When we asked the salesman he said that nothing was wrong and that the linoleum was just lifting.  He said that was normal.  My neighbor, and I put carpet and wood planking down over the linoleum.  Originally I was looking at garage floor tiles because I thought that they would be better for the amount of movement.

I used to be a salesman.  I can’t stand sales people.  They lie no matter what they say.  All in all we got a good deal, but the additional work that I had to put into it wasn’t something we planned on.

You Get What You Pay For

Being a home theater installer I run into all different kinds of customers.  On a few occasions I get the privilege of running into a customer that believes he knows everything.  What we end up finding out is that they know absolutely nothing.  They tell me that they read the box, and it stated that it did what they wanted so it should work perfectly.

I have installed almost every manufacturers equipment at this point in the game for me.  The more difficult ones to install are usually the Denon systems.  I usually recommend things that I find are cost effective, and also good performers.

After I am done with installations, and I have things working as best as I can I have had a customer, or two tell me that it isn’t right.  Well, at that point I usually just call into our tech line and have a supervisor explain that what we have done is it.  Those customers are usually the ones that complain the most, and still know the least.