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Disney News #4

Here we are again for another installment of Disney news from around the WWW.

1. Virgin Megastore in Downtown Disney will be closing this summer, along with the 5 other locations around the nation.

2. Disney Dining Experience is now to be known as Tables In Wonderland.

Pricing is as follows:
$100 for Florida residents
$75 for Annual Passholders
$50 Second membership on a account

3. Scheduled to debut in summer 2009, Stitch will be having a dance party on a newly constructed stage in Tommorowland.

4. Construction of the 2 new Disney Cruise Line ships has been initiated, after having a ceremony at the Meyer Werft location in Germany.

5. DisneyLand trains are running on BioDiesel.

6. High School Musical will return to the tv.  Slated for 2010, High School Musical will appear on tv everywhere with new stars.

7. Look who/what was spotted at Walt Disney World…


In case you can’t tell… It is a Sprint/Nextel operated promotion type bus.  Disney has a deal with Sprint/Nextel.  They must have decided that there was no better way to market the newest item in their line of phones… Blackberry 8350I Curve.

Disney DVC News #4

While DVC has come across as the most economical way to vacation in my mind, the economy is really chopping away at other peoples dreams of taking a vacation.  Here is News Update #4 on DVC.

1. Disney allows purchases of DVC to be financed.  Certain limitations are in place that I never actually knew.  Point purchases under 50 points are not eligible for financing through Disney, while other restrictions apply to other point purchases.

A. 25-49 points = No financing.  Full payment ONLY.
B. 50-99 points = Full financing at Full price.
C. 100 + points = Full financing, and incentive / bonus offers are eligible.

2. Disney had previously eliminated the 25 point add-on in the past.  Disney has fully reinstated the 25 point addon policy.

3. Disney had originally announced that they were going to require 200 point minimum purchase at Bay Lake Towers.  Disney has abandoned this.

4. While it doesn’t just pertain to DVC… Disney Magical Express has made a policy change that is supposed to take effect on March 30, 2009.  Baggage pickup will no longer be handled prior to 5am, or after 10pm.  Guests must bring their luggage to the Disney Magical Express counter with them at time of check-in.

5. The Orlando Sentinel reported that Disney has lost one of their DVC financing sources.  Full article here.

Disney DVC News #3

The previously scheduled operation of online check-in has been announced to be fully operational as of February 24, 2009.  Go to http://www.dvcmember.com for access.


Have you ever wanted to see the deed to a Disney Vacation Club purchase?  Well, you can click HERE for the Orange County Comptroller site.  Just enter “Disney Vac” in the Grantor field, and enter your “Last name – First name” in the Grantee field.


The following information is based on information that I gathered through several sites that I frequent.  While these dates are “Slated”, they may change if Disney has any reason to delay.

Bay Lake Towers…

Opening Sept. 1, 2009
Bookings for Home Owners: March 1, 2009
Bookings for Non Home Owners: March 15, 2009

Treehouse Villas…

Opening June 1, 2009
Bookings for Home Owners: February 8, 2009
Bookings for Non Home Owners: February 22, 2009


I am linking to the DVCNews.Com site, as they have posted the current DVC promotions on their site.  The promo page is HERE.  The promotion that Disney is running seems to be a nice one, but with the economy the way it is right now I can’t forsee many people buying.  The old promo of the DVC Visa, and money off, and 1st year without dues was probably the best promo I have seen yet.

If you are still on the fence about buying DVC, then look at DVCNews.Com breakeven analysis.