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Mays Landing Campground 2013 Season

This year is finally coming to a close in the next few weeks at our campground.  We have been a seasonal camper at the Mays Landing Campground.  It was previously known as Mays Landing Nascar RV, and was formerly owned by Morgan RV.  Over the past few years we were discussing if we were going to move campgrounds because the Morgan RV management was just not doing things right.

The ammenities that are available are things like swimming pool, shower house, arcade, camp store, basketball court, fishing lake, horseshoes, and other things.  They also have rental cabins, and campers.


Quite a few campers got newer / new units this year.  It is nice to see a campground that doesn’t look like a trailer park.  This season we had been staying in a 2003 Jayco Kiwi 25E, but we just traded that in for a 2012 Forest River Cherokee 254Q.  Much more roomy, and isn’t bad during the colder part of the early season.


At the campground a lot of us have golf carts.  Getting around we don’t need them, but it reminds me a lot of Fort Wilderness seeing this many.  Playing horseshoes is another big thing at this campground.  Majority of the guys will go over to the pits by noon, and won’t stop playing till dark.

This year the campground went into “Receivership” as we were told.  The management really did a great job this season.  John & Jaime went out of their way throughout the season.  We had a DJ for what seemed almost on a weekly basis.  We had a live band (Powerderkeg) twice.  Something else that brought the campers together was the gatherings for meals.  On several occassions each camper brought a dish, and we all got to eat, drink, and be merry.

The price was really good.  We are positioned in the park so that we can be central to everything.  It is a very nice place to be.  Only thing bad is that one of our good friends “Orange Bob” moved out of his trailer, and into another on the other side of the park.  He got a good deal, and would have taken a lot to move his unit.  The people at the campground are very nice.  These are people that I have gotten to know very well, and they will do almost anything for someone if they ask.

John & Jaime we really enjoyed all the things you did, and hope you get the opportunity to return next year.  You were the best management couple I have seen at the campground thus far.

If you are in the New Jersey area I would recommend checking out the campground if you are just passing through with your RV, or if you are looking to stay a while.  The campground is open from April 1 through October 31.

Just another week or so before we pull our camper out for the winter.  We are going to try out camping up by us once, or twice.  On top of that I would like to be able to do some things to the camper while it is the off-season.