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Something About Children

From time to time we are sent things to put on our sites for you to think about, and even respond to.  Here is something about custody, and children.

Couples with children getting divorced can have joint custody?

This means one night a week for the day and every other weekend visit with his children.

How do you feel about that especially if the Dad is a devoted father that spends all his free time with his children because they are attached to him?

He has his own business comes homes every evening to be with the children.  The son cannot wait for his dad to come home.  He spends every weekend with them.

Do you feel it’s time to change the law?

Do you feel the mothers have a lot on their plate working with the children all week long except for one night a week?

Do you feel that Dads should have more weekly time with their children and work out the weekends according to everyone’s agenda especially if the children are under 5?

What happens between adults is one thing but trying to keep more of a secure family environment is another.