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I Am Enjoying Cooking At Times

My neighbor Bob has enabled me to want to cook.  I have always been willing to cook, but I have just never wanted to take the time to actually do it.  He is a hunter, and he brings me “Fresh Meat” from his hunting trips.  I have learned over the past few times different things that I can do to make a meal just a bit more interesting.

The past few times cooking I have been experimenting with using fruits, and berries as just a little bit of flavoring.  The next time I cook I am going to be putting a final test to my own personal recipe for Venison.  I have gotten to be almost perfect on how juicy, and tender I can cook the Venison already.  Now I want to come up with the ultimate flavoring.

I know I can get a lot of the ingredients that I use locally, but during certain times of the year I may have to go through www.berries.com to get the berries that I want because they aren’t available locally.

Have you ever tried to cook Venison?  How did it come out?