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Valuable Lessons Learned Having A Business

There aren’t many times I am puzzled in my answers, but recently I had to stop and think about the response I had to give when someone asked me what I have learned in my business experience.

I want to take the time to pass on some valuable lessons that I have learned throughout my past @20 years in running a business.

1. Partnering in a business with family DOESN’T work.
2. Treat your helpers as you would want to be treated.
3. Owning my own business has freed a lot of time that is spent with my family. A job requires you to work at someone elses pace, and schedule.
4. Never let another person try to treat you like you are desperately needed as a contractor because those people are only after their bottom dollar, and not you in ANY respect.
5. Offer work, but don’t screw yourself waiting for someone to work.
6. The customer is NOT always right, but find appropriate ways of discussing matters.
7. If you don’t try to make a business succeed, then it won’t. If you are after the “Fast Buck”, then play the lottery because your customers, and reputation depend on patience.
8. Biggest thing I can convey is that if someone says they have a great job, and will be somewhere for as long as they want… ask them how long they have been with their longest position, and then ask them what their position is. 9 out of 10 will end up telling you that they are contractors, or they will claim something in the lines of being “Gods Gift To Humanity”.  If they always have to be the “Boss” of something, then that person is never going to make it. You have to start at the bottom in order to get to the top.
9. When you get a commitment of schedule from someone make sure you understand all facts.
10. If you want more work from someone that is giving you work then make sure you are willing to help them get more work so that you can work as well.

Is there anything that you have learned that isn’t part of something that I have said?  Let me know.