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Cheap TV Display For Miscellanous Use

I have been trying to find a cheap display that I can take with me as needed for my Playstation 3, and whatever else.  Well today I found a very cheap solution.  If you have a newer lcd monitor with DVI connectors that isn’t being used then just get yourself dvi to hdmi cables.  You may not get the highest resolution, but it will serve the purpose.

If you have any other money saving solutions please feel free to let me know, or comment here.

Big Screen Offering

This year for Christmas I told my wife not to go crazy with gifts for me.  I told her that I appreciate her, and everything she does for us, and she has done enough.  After she went out on Black Friday she was telling me that she had found a few specials on projectors.  I have wanted one for when we go camping, our backyard, and our back room.  I told her that there is no option to a projector.  You simply need to purchase the right one the first time, or not at all.  I have been installing tvs and stereos for some time, and I simply like the picture on the Samsung projector over most of the other projectors on the market.  I have seem many different manufacturers projectors since doing installations for Circuit City.  Money means everything, and I can’t afford it anyway.  I will continue using my Plasma tvs until they die, and then I will have to see what I can do.  I have always wanted to game in supersize, but always afraid that the picture won’t be to my liking.  I guess there is no way of knowing without trying.