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My Wife Tries Too Hard

Anyone that knows my wife knows that she tries to hard to fix everyones lives.  She is constantly giving advice, and trying to counsel people that she knows.  If she had any sort of training I would tell her to look into Psychiatric Aide jobs.  Then again on the other hand we know someone that tried for something similar and it doesn’t seem to have panned out to us.

I don’t try to help anyone that I can’t give factual information to.  I also don’t try to help anyone that doesn’t want the help, or anyone that wastes my time by doing what they want in the end.

Do you have anyone in your family that is like my wife?

A New Career?

I have been told many times by a couple of women that my hands are like magic.  In case you are puzzled… Yes, my wife is fully up to speed with me.  My wife was one of the first women to tell me that my hands are incredible when it comes to massages.  I have started to wonder if I should possibly think of investing in a massage therapy program online so that I can get the necessary credentials to be able to do this type of work.  I wouldn’t want to go into it blind, and have any misunderstandings about my intentions.  I have noticed that the people that do massages obviously make a good living, and they are very necessary to the world.  They get clients ranging from medical patients all the way to just tense people.

Do you know any massage therapists, and do they make as good of money as I believe they do?