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Changing My Customers Ways

Being a computer technician I am continually trying to bring customers up to date with technology.  I am gradually getting customers to “Go Green.”  Along with the “Go Green” endeavor I am also trying to show customers ways that they can save money in their business.

I have one client that has 3 offices throughout the state.  He was spending a fortune on his phone bill.  This had a lot to do with having dedicated lines for the offices to communicate with each other.  I showed him how they can use internet video conferencing to reduce phone bills, and increase productivity.  He gave it a try, but never took the time to implement it fully.

In my business I am using a tablet now to reduce paperwork.  I am starting to experiment with digital signatures.  Now all I have to do is convince my contracts to fully push the digital technology to its fullest.

Alarms And Home Automation

I recently went on a job for a client that wanted to upgrade his home security needs.  Being a security consultant I went through a lot of different things that he needed to think about.  One of the biggest things that I advised him of getting was home automation.  Many of the alarm systems that are coming out these days all have optional interfaces so that you can control different things from over the internet, or even your phone.

After we discussed the possibilites I advised the customer to check with the major companies.  The most promising response the client got was in regard to the adt pulse pricing.  I pointed him to a system that I personally recommend when going with central monitored alarms.  He is happy with the system I recommended, and now he has turned into a home automation fool.  He is buying pieces in small amounts, and getting the whole thing done.

When buying an alarm system for your home or business keep the automation idea in the back of your head.  It is a nice feature because you can turn lights on, or off, and do many other things that people would not think could be done without being there.

Mobile Viewing Is Running

We have been trying to implement a better way of viewing our site from mobile phones.  I am proud to annouce that this site is now fully mobile friendly.  Just navigate to the site like normal, and if you want to see the full site just scroll to the bottom, and turn off the mobile view.

I realize that many people do surf from their phones, so this was a key step in making the site more accessible.

Thanks to the WPTouch plugin this is all possible.