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It Is Time I Look Into Getting Insurance

With my line of work comes some dangerous things.  I install satellites which puts me on roofs.  I install tvs which pits me against electric, tvs, and more.  I install CCTV systems which puts me on ladders.

I have always felt that I would live a very long time so I never felt the need to have a good insurance policy for either health, or life.  Now that I have been thinking about it I realize that if I had anything happen to me like falling and needing open back surgery that my family would not have any means of living comfortably.  The same goes if I lost my lie.

I am starting to look for a cheap insurance policy that I can get so that I can put my mind, as well as my family at ease.

Extra Insurance Savings For The Pool Owner

Having a swimming pool we expected to have an increase in our insurance a few years ago.  Recently we were looking for a new insurance company.  When we were doing the questions with them to determine our costs they asked about a pool.  Then they asked about a fence around the yard.  I told them that I had additional pool fencing directly around the pool other than our yard fencing.  The agent told me that she would look into if I could be eligible for an additional discount because I have double security.

Getting a new insurance carrier has been nice because they seem to want my business, and they did save me some money.

Medical Problems Are Creeping Up On Me

Prior to going on vacation I had to go to the foot doctor to have one of my toenails removed.  Doctor seemingly wants to do the same to another toe.  When I returned from the Bahamas I found out that I had a very bad run of sun poisoning.  I have been having some pain in my mouth, and I am sure that something needs to be done by my faithful dentist.  I have had it with doctors.  For the most part I have insurance, but I just wish I could find some cheap dental insurance so that I don’t have to keep emptying my wallet out for him.