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We Don’t Need No Stinking Lawn

Ever since before my mother in law passed we have tried numerous times to get a nice front lawn growing.  We have given up on this because no matter what we do we can’t get anything to grow short of weeds.  One of my customers came by and looked into why.  He told me that for the most part the soil we have is bad, and after he used a moisture analyzer said that I would need to do extensive watering if I was to ever get any sort of grass like sod.  My backyard gets some attention, but not much.  We don’t need grass to play horseshoes.

With this additional cost in play we have fully decided that we don’t need grass in the front yard.  We mow the weeds, and it looks nice for the most part.  I will not add anymore bills to my house.  I have finally gotten my electric under control, and I mean “UNDER” control.  Last month Constellation incorrectly billed us.  We got an adjustment bill today including this month, and it shows last month as a $0.  The new updated bill came to $63.  Last month there was no bill basically.

Some people have told me that I must not be reading something right, but the proof is in the bill…..

We like this, and hope that it continues in this manner.

Extra Insurance Savings For The Pool Owner

Having a swimming pool we expected to have an increase in our insurance a few years ago.  Recently we were looking for a new insurance company.  When we were doing the questions with them to determine our costs they asked about a pool.  Then they asked about a fence around the yard.  I told them that I had additional pool fencing directly around the pool other than our yard fencing.  The agent told me that she would look into if I could be eligible for an additional discount because I have double security.

Getting a new insurance carrier has been nice because they seem to want my business, and they did save me some money.

Summer “Fun” Has Begun

I usually don’t like this time of year.  This is the time of year when the kids are home, and schedules get really screwed up.  This is also the time of year when it seems like money is getting spent almost as bad as Christmas time.

huskyJust a few weeks ago I decided to get some work done around the house.  My wife requested that I power wash the house, and get some other work done.  Out came my Husky power washing unit that I got a few years back.  My neighbor “B” came out and offered to let me use his power washer.  We also had some trees removed so I had to work around them.  After power washing the house finding where the ants were coming from became easier.  After talking to a few people I found out that the amount of rainfall has made a lot of ants head for their homes as well.

My wife got a fire pit from me for Christmas last year and she has been anxious to use it.  We went to Harbor Freight and purchased a wood splitter.  We probably won’t use it again after this year, but it was worth it just to make her happy.

If I was a bit better off for money I would probably just hire someone to do the things around my house.  I am not against work, but it just never seems to end.