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Jersey Shore Might Not Be In NJ.

I have been reading on various tabloids that the “Jersey Shore” show may actually be going to another location in April.  It is rumored that they are going to Italy.  In my opinion they should go there, as maybe the “Real” Italians will put them in their place.  I haven’t worked Seaside in 2 years, and I can’t imagine that I missed much being that the film crews probably passed my workplaces several times a night.  The whole Jersey Shore thing is ridiculous as far as I am concerned.

What have those kids taught the kids that actually did watch it, or catch glimpses of it on tv?  Well they have taught kids that alcohol, sex, fighting, cheating, domestic violence, and more are OK.  What I did not know was that the police of Seaside are ruining the environment over there while the filming is going on.  I say this because my wife told me that when she went to the boardwalk the police told her to shut up when she was near where they were filming.  This is supposed to be reality tv.  The police shouldn’t be involved as far as I am thinking.  Let the film crews do their jobs.  I can understand a small bit of crowd control, but the SHPD is up the rear ends of anyone that is involved with the show.  People don’t seem to be able to walk near the house, walk near the so-called “Stars” of the show, and they also don’t let you walk freely around certain areas.  It should not be their position to say anything unless it was some sort of illegal act.

What do you think of the show?  I can’t stand it.  I find some of the parts funny, and that is only because I worked Seaside for the most part of 15 years, and saw everything that they do.  If any of that had gone down at the hotels I worked I guarantee that I would have been arrested, and some of the kids at the hotels would have also.

I will be glad when they go because the “Jersey Shore” phase of everyones lives will be gone along with the “GTL”, “DTF”, and everything else like the indoor tanning lotions, skanky clothes, and the fake Guidos.