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Not All Money Is Worth Its Weight

My Uncle L was talking to me about value of things a few weeks back.  We were discussing where we would be now if we had made an investment in gold a few months back.  We then got to talking about some coins that are being offered for sale, like the Morgan dollars.  For the most part I don’t want something that isn’t going to be worth more than when I bought it.

Right now gold is at a point where people that bought in back some time ago are pretty much set contingent on them watching it for when it ever drops.  I wish I had the money that it would have taken to buy in, but money has been tight.

Any get rich quick ideas that work going on that you can tell me about?

Economy Is Showing Its Issues

When you drive down a main highway you don’t expect to see the same type of business within a rocks throw of another.  Well I was out doing some service calls the other day, and I was on a stretch of road that must have had 5 stores with signs saying “We buy gold coins, and more.”  With the economy as bad as it is I can only guess that this means that people are so desperate to get money that they will sell things that they can’t replace.  I don’t have anything like that so I can’t be tempted.  I am sure that these businesses are a little more honest than a few of those internet based gold buying places.  Buy “REAL LOW” and sell it off “REAL HIGH.”

How many “Gold” places are around you?  Have you noticed an increase in the amounts of those types of businesses?