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My Daughter Is Antsy For An IPod

Since I got into the computer field I have never been a very big fan of Apple products.  In the recent years they have come out with some things that have made me think about this.  They do have a very nice MP3 player (IPod), and the tablet would be really cool if I could afford one.

My daughter got a Zen a few years ago, and back then this was one of the best MP3 players available.  It didn’t only do music.  It did video, pictures, podcasts, and more.  A friend of our little one has an IPod, and has gotten my daughter so hyped that she is now nagging us for an IPod.  I know how she is with her stuff so I think that it may be an option down the road.  If we did this we would have to hunt around to find out which store has the best ipod cases that protect against water because I don’t want her to have it get wet, and ruined.

She is very responsible, and even when she broke her cell phone screen she paid for the part, and I made the repair.  Our little one doesn’t expect us to fix something that she has broken.  Maybe I got lucky having a child that understands about money, and things.

Do you have any ideas?  Which IPod has worked best for you?

What To Get That Special Someone…

Each and every year I am puzzled with the time old question “What do I get my significant other?”  Well, after all these years I have listened to my wife about things that she doesn’t want, but she never tells me what she does want.  I have been looking for anything that she will actually use.  Things like spa treatments, hair stylings, and teddies just aren’t up her alley.

I have been noticing a bit more that she is enjoying cooking a bit more than she used to.  I am trying to find just the right kitchen appliance for her.  She has almost everything, and that is where the problem lies.  Now I have to figure out the other time old question of “What do you get for someone that has everything?”

I am open to suggestions.

Great Gifts I Receive

My wife always tells me that I’m a hard person to buy gifts for.  Our little one made some suggestions to her.  Well maybe she can keep taking some tips from my little one.  This past fathers day she got me a few reward cards for all kind of stuff.  With my birthday and Christmas coming up I wouldn’t mind a few more.  I think it was a great idea that my little one had.  With all the diffrent gift cards they have out they make great gifts for anyone, and any occasion.  You can find them in most stores anywhere making them easy to get.