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Criminal Treatment Of Customers

When a person gets into an accident and the insurance company determines who they feel is at fault is probably the most crooked determination in the world.  If the police don’t charge anyone, then who is the insurance company to decide what they don’t have any clue about?  I was involved in an accident in which the driver of another car moved to the middle of a lane because she was turning left, and then decided to turn right, but I struck their car slightly when she came into my trucks path.  Allstate determined that I was at fault, and this caused my insurance rates to be subject to an increase with any company, even the ones that have cheap auto insurance quotes knowing about this ticket.  Geico said there was nothing I could do, but I am anxious to get to the bottom of the matter.  This is also the same company that decided that they were going to cancel my policy because I didn’t send in a survey that in fact I never received.  If you have Allstate then I suggest based on experience… Run… Don’t walk.

Does anyone have any suggestions for contesting a determination?