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Getting Ready For Our Friends Moving Sale

Before Christmas we helped out one of our friends that is going to be moving.  We found so much stuff that we thought would have some value.  After going through everythign real good we realized that some of the stuff would only be worth money to a collector.  We didn’t have the time to get in touch with collectors so we just let certain things go for whatever we could.

We found some of the first cell phones ever made.  We also found a full stereo system that fit inside of a “Buffet” unit.  It had a turntable, and a tape deck.  We got in touch with a few people that might have been able to use the stereo equipment, but it turned out that they needed more current stuff like the Gemini turntables you see for music professionals.  We know that it could have gone for more, but didn’t have the time to wait.

She had so much stuff that we didn’t realize until the end of the day that we had practically cleared 60% of her house out.  When she came home from being at the mall she was amazed at how much wasn’t there anymore.  We now are getting ready for the final moving sale.  We were firm on our prices the first time, but this time we are going to deal a bit more, but not give things away.

It will be a shame to see a friend go, but the economy has hit some people harder than others.  Have you ever done anything like a moving sale?  How did it work out for you?

Something My Daughter Could Do

My daughter has one friend that comes over from time to time.  When she comes over she usually brings her guitar.  My daughter seems like she is interested in the guitar, but never actually admits it to us.  We would love nothing more than if our little one wanted to learn something that could occupy her time rather than the computer, or phone.

We have gotten her into soccer, but that is where she draws the line.  If you wanted your child to do something like learn guitar how would you go about doing it?

Solar Is A Go… After Some Research

As I posted a few days ago we are going to get a solar system on our home.  I decided to do a bit of research to see if I could get any better offers.  What I found was astounding.  There are many companies that offer a FREE system.  The biggest difference between all the companies is the monthly fee.  This fee is based on the size system from all the information that I have.

We are signing with Sungevity.

If you are thinking of saving some money then I can only recommend you check out the Sungevity site.  It will ask some questions, and come back with some approximate savings information.  Don’t be scared if your roof isn’t brand new.  As long as your roof is sound then they seem to have no issues.

How would you like to earn a $500 gift card?  Well, once you get installed you will receive a $500 gift card from Sungevity.  Be sure to put in your referral information.  Make sure to put my name “John Marsden” into the friend field, and my email address “JMarsden92@Comcast.Net” into the friends email field.

Click the link below for a No Cost evaluation.  This is all web based, and no one will come out to see you at this point.

Let’s go solar together – get an iQuote.