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Sweet Tomatoes Orlando Dining Review

During a recent trip to Orlando, Fl we were given the opportunity to check out a dining experience that is nothing like anything in New Jersey.  We went to Sweet Tomatoes on International Drive.

When you first walk in you are at the salad line.  A vast selection of salads, and fixings for the salads await you.  At the end of the salad bar you come to the register to pay for your dining.  You also get your drinks at this location.

Once you pay for your meal you take a seat and enjoy the food.  After you are done with the salad you can go back up to the rest of the food.  This consists of fresh breads, soups, and more.  Also in this area you will find the dessert section which has ice cream, puddings, and more.

If we had one of these in New Jersey I know I would be there more often than I would want.  I know that the food is much better than a fast food chain, or some of the other sit down restaurants.  The prices were not bad either.  For 3 people I spent far more than I would have almost anywhere else.

If you are in the Disney area / Orlando, Fl. then make sure to definitely check out Sweet Tomatoes because it is an experience you won’t want to leave.  Go on their website and sign up for coupons.

A Week Without Wife And Child

What would it be like if your family decided they were going to go away for a week, and let you decide if you wanted to go or stay home?  In my house we are around each other a lot, and being around my wife, and my daughter, and one of her friends for a week would probably be very aggravating.

We have been camping for the last 2 months down in Mays Landing.  We have been allowing our daughter to bring a friend with her for the weekends.  Now that school is letting out my wife is going to go down to the campground for a week with them.  The only thing that I will miss is my wife cooking for me.  Down at the camper she makes some nice meals.  I spoil her by cooking some meals from time to time.  She lets me cook the “Man” meals.  Things like sirloin steaks, specialty hamburgers, and a few other things.

I will miss the wife and daughter for the week, but it may be just what I needed .  Maybe now I can get some work done around the house, and maybe even get a little game time in.

This will be the last of 2 weekends that we have at the site we got a good deal on.  Some of our friends, and family are likely to stop by.

I Am Enjoying Cooking At Times

My neighbor Bob has enabled me to want to cook.  I have always been willing to cook, but I have just never wanted to take the time to actually do it.  He is a hunter, and he brings me “Fresh Meat” from his hunting trips.  I have learned over the past few times different things that I can do to make a meal just a bit more interesting.

The past few times cooking I have been experimenting with using fruits, and berries as just a little bit of flavoring.  The next time I cook I am going to be putting a final test to my own personal recipe for Venison.  I have gotten to be almost perfect on how juicy, and tender I can cook the Venison already.  Now I want to come up with the ultimate flavoring.

I know I can get a lot of the ingredients that I use locally, but during certain times of the year I may have to go through www.berries.com to get the berries that I want because they aren’t available locally.

Have you ever tried to cook Venison?  How did it come out?