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Review Of Florida Eco-Safaris Horseback Experience

During a trip to Florida during March we had the chance to experience horseback riding at the  Florida Ecosafari at Forever Florida location in St. Cloud, Florida.  My wife, daughter, and I took the experience because we don’t have a chance to do horseback riding in New Jersey.  Even though it was just a few weeks ago our daughter talks about the experience as if it was just yesterday.  This was an experience that we will not forget.

Once we walked into the main building we were asked which experience of the many offered we were there for.  We filled out documents, and waivers.  After that we sat inside the building that has a store, and a small food area.  Our tour guide was on his way in from a previous tour.  All of us were advised that there were NO bathrooms on the tour.  When he arrived he went over some basic safety tips.  After that we walked from the main building to the stable area.  Once at the stable area our guide got us our horses.  We were in a group with some other very nice people.


After getting our horses we started our 1 ½ hour tour of the property.  We were advised that the tour could be slightly longer, or shorter based on any uncontrollable factors.  When we initially started down the path our guide pointed out some gators.  Throughout our tour he pointed out some things that aren’t really seen during the tours, but more in morning hours, or late afternoon.  These were tracks belonging to hogs, fox, coyote, and possibly others.

Halfway through the tour we came upon a small creek that we would be crossing through.  The only bad thing about this creek is that it was still slightly cold.  If it was later in the year it wouldn’t have been so bad.  We all had to remember to keep our feet in the stirrups, but out of the water.  We all succeeded in doing this, and ended up dry.  On the way back we got a little more speed up in some random spots.

All in all the Horseback Safari experience was worth every bit.  We all enjoyed ourselves, and hope to do it again one day in the future.  One thing I can urge everyone that is thinking of doing this is to please bring some cash because tipping the guide is encouraged if you enjoyed yourself.

Travelling For The Holidays

This year we are going  to Florida.  Over the past few years we have moved to driving to and from Florida because of the cost of airline flights.  Last year was the first time we tried out the Amtrak Auto Train.  We had to travel to Lorton, VA to get on the train that took us to Sanford, Fl.  This year we are driving down, and training back.

We have found that taking our car when going to Disney is more cost effective because the cost of car rentals just brings the expense of traveling way up.  Flying is the ultimate way, but the airlines seem to want to make a fortune off of everyone.

How do you travel?  What tips do you have?

Cooking Is What One Of My Brother In Laws Does Best

Years before I met my brother-in-laws I heard that they had worked in restaurants.  One of my brother-in-laws is an exceptional cook.  He moved down to Florida a little over a month ago, and now we don’t get to have any of his cooking like we did when he was here.

He is now looking for a job, and I hope that he finds a job doing what he is good at, and that is cooking.  Hopefully he will get lucky looking for a chef or head cook jobs.  If you are in the Jacksonville area, and need a good worker please let me know.

I know that we are going to try to stop and visit him on our way to Disney this coming Christmas.  Maybe I will have to have my wife ask him to make us something for the road.