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Every Man Loves Lingerie

Some many years ago I found out that my wife doesn’t like me purchasing things that get used very little.  This was the case with lingerie.  I had purchased a few valentines lingerie pieces, and she yelled at me when she was given them.  I do understand this problem in some respect because majority of the lingerie on the market costs a good dollar, and it usually doesn’t get to stay on much more than a little while.  On the other hand it is nice to have something nice to wear.

With my wife I have come to find that usually there are too many excuses any which way.  She will either be really tired from being on the computer, or worn out from working the day away.  Excuse shirts would be a great thing because then I would know what would happen in the future.  Anyone want to go into business making some shirts?

Guess they will have to make Lingerie Football a year round sport.

Do you ever have a situation like this, and what do you do?