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Just Say No

For one week we had to eat at the mercy of the ships cook of the cruise that we were on.  Well, if they didn’t serve such good food, then we wouldn’t be feeling so guilty right now.  We had been joking about trying to find the exercise room on the ship, but we never noticed it anyway.  For our purposes the best muscle supplements would have come in handy.

Here is the only suggestion that I can make.  Just eat one.  In my case I had to have 2 servings of some of the dishes.  They were so good.  I must admit they were small servings, but my wife says that Disney does good at making their food look large in portions.

Orlando Has Some Good Eating

We were in Orlando last month touring a lot of various sites.  While we were there we went to quite a few restaurants, and just as many dinner shows.  Being weight conscious what we didn’t realize was that all the restaurants, and dinner shows weren’t exactly on the list of diets that work.  One of our meals was at Solaris in the Marriot World Center Resort.  That meal alone was fit for 2 kings.  Bad part was that we did nothing to work off any of the weight.  Our little one even ate more than she should have, but we didn’t let her get to carried away.

When we go on another media trip we will definitelly watch our weight, and not go overboard with the eating.  That being said I have to start working out with the wife for the next few months because we both want to enjoy ourselves on the Disney Cruise that we are going on in April.  If we eat too much now we will have to be rolled off the boat.

Have you ever eaten way too much, and not done anything about it?