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Vacation Issues For Me

Now that we have returned from our week long cruising trip it has been hard for me to not pick on my wife.  You see while we were in the Bahamas I took my daughter snorkeling.  Not knowing much about tanning, and lotions I left my wife in charge of lotions, and creams that would be necessary to keep from burning.  From now on she gets to buy the dark circles under eyes treatment only.  She bought 30 spf spray from the local $1 store.  (Hey honey, let’s not skimp on the necessities next time.)

After spending the last hour on Castaway Cay with the stingrays I didn’t know that I had gotten 2nd degree burns on my back.  My wife told me that I had just gotten a little burned.  Well, later that night I got very sick.  I had hot/cold flashes, and headaches.  After we returned from the cruise we stayed at a hotel in the Orlando area.  When we went swimming I had to make sure that I stayed under the pools overhang because just the heat from the sun made my skin bother me.

Now the drive home was fine for the most part.  We drove from Florida at @7am, and got to Hilton Head at @1pm.  I tried to see if the jacuzzi would help, and it seemed to.  We went home the next day and this is when most of the problems started.  During the trip home I flaked a bit on my back.  Once home I was able to sleep fine for the first couple of days.  After a few days I would wake up at 3am-4am routinely because my back was itchy.

By Saturday of the following week I decided it was time to go the hospital.  The doctor on duty said I had cellulits.  He prescribed Hydrocortisone, and some sort of antibiotic.  These didn’t seem to help, so @2 weeks after returning from the cruise I made an appointment to see my doctor.  He said the burns were bad, and prescribed me Silvadine, and told me to take Benadryl for the itch issue.

Moral of the story… If you can’t do it yourself, then don’t ask your wife to do it.

Disney DVC 2010 Point Changes

While I am a loyal Disney Vacation Club member, I must state my opinion on a topic that has seemingly put a lot of DVC members in a rage.

Here is my question… How would a body of people appeal this type of decision?  Disney seemingly does everything behind closed doors.  Look at what they did with the smokers, and DVC resorts…  (read that article HERE)

Disney Vacation Club for many years has had their points schedules structured towards weekday use.  (Sunday night through Thursday night)  It came to public knowledge that DVC has changed this structure starting in 2010.
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Disney DVC News #4

While DVC has come across as the most economical way to vacation in my mind, the economy is really chopping away at other peoples dreams of taking a vacation.  Here is News Update #4 on DVC.

1. Disney allows purchases of DVC to be financed.  Certain limitations are in place that I never actually knew.  Point purchases under 50 points are not eligible for financing through Disney, while other restrictions apply to other point purchases.

A. 25-49 points = No financing.  Full payment ONLY.
B. 50-99 points = Full financing at Full price.
C. 100 + points = Full financing, and incentive / bonus offers are eligible.

2. Disney had previously eliminated the 25 point add-on in the past.  Disney has fully reinstated the 25 point addon policy.

3. Disney had originally announced that they were going to require 200 point minimum purchase at Bay Lake Towers.  Disney has abandoned this.

4. While it doesn’t just pertain to DVC… Disney Magical Express has made a policy change that is supposed to take effect on March 30, 2009.  Baggage pickup will no longer be handled prior to 5am, or after 10pm.  Guests must bring their luggage to the Disney Magical Express counter with them at time of check-in.

5. The Orlando Sentinel reported that Disney has lost one of their DVC financing sources.  Full article here.