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Kyocera Echo Review Part 1

Kyocera-Echo-frontThis week I received the Sprint Kyocera Echo to review.

Upon opening the box that I received I found the Echo, extra battery, external charging unit, instructions, memory card, cables.  The Echo comes stock with Android 2.2.1.  There are no rumors if Gingerbread will be available in the future.   Gingerbread could probably help the eminent battery life issue, but that is something that I’m sure Kyocera is looking at.

The dual touchscreen flip is a little challenging to get used to.  The screens are made of Corning Gorilla Glass.  I am sure that there is still a break issue if the phone is dropped, but I am not sure.  Even though the Echo doesn’t have a dual core processor the phone is very snappy.


Kyocera was smart with this unit.  Thinking ahead for possible battery use issues they included an external charging unit, and battery.  The charging unit can be used for charging the extra battery, or can actually be switched to charge the phone.  This was very convenient to have.

With all of the features that this phone does have I am amazed that they cut out some of the more important features that are in a good portion of phones that are coming out.  The features I refer to include: 4G connectivity, Front facing camera.

I find that the speaker on the Echo is slightly weaker than expected.  The dual screen capability is nice, but more apps should have been designed to use the dual screen capability to its fullest.  The phone is a bit more square than I originally expected.  It is slightly smaller than the Epic that I own.

Check back next week for Part 2 of my review of the Kyocera Echo.