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Ready To Ditch Christmas

We have been discussing more, and more the idea of going to Disney World for Christmas.  Why?  Well, nothing is the same, and nothing will ever be as it was.  For many years we have done a lot of different things to make the holidays special.  This year is our turn to have the “Rotation Christmas Eve” at our house.  Many of the usual people will not be there, or only showing up for a short amount of time.  I realize that Christmas is hectic, but I am realizing that some people just don’t want to stay with the times.

We have another tradition that my parents come over on Christmas Day and watch my daughter open her gifts from Santa.  We do enjoy this, and it would be a shame if it ended because we changed our Christmas plans in the future.

The other problem I have is that I have grown tired of hearing people tell us what they will, or won’t get for my daughter for Christmas.  These same people also call and ask what she would like for Christmas so this gets better.  Christmas is supposed to be about the spirit of giving.  Well, here is a little background on why these things have been said, and why I am so ticked off.  When my daughter gets something that she wants she uses it until she is finished with it.  Usually this is 6-12 months.  After she is done with a toy she will attempt to sell it off at the flea market / yard sales so that she can get a little bit of money to spend on more toys.  This is because she understands we don’t have a lot of cash, and will not buy toys like they are a necessity.  We are trying to teach her the value of a dollar.  If she can’t sell a toy then she donates it.  I guess when someone gets a car, or tv that they aren’t using they should be donating it, or keep it around just because of this brilliant idea.  Don’t sell it to get cash for something else that will get used.  Last year she donated more than she sold in a strange reality.  Well, what would you think if you heard from a few people that they won’t get her toys for Christmas because she will just sell them.  Same principle goes for those people I would take it.  I am not that petty, and I let those people understand that they are not making the 11 year old happy by doing this.  They don’t understand that a child remembers everything during these years.  I am a realist, and I realize that some people have to make someone miserable in their daily habits.  I have never acted like this, and hopefully never will.  Even the clients I have notice how I am around the holidays.  I take care of everyone, and don’t play games.  It may not make the big bucks, but my successful home business has been around for @15 years, and will continue to be there because of how I treat my customers.  They are treated like family.

Have you ever thought of making major changes to your holiday traditions?

What would you do if you had people making ridiculous rules, and comments?  Do you find this a bit childish, and petty?

Christmas Around The House

I am not one to be a Grinch, but this year there is a higher power than Santa.  His name is JCP&L.  He gave me a gift that just seems to keep giving.  What was it you ask.  Well, it comes in the mailbox, and has lots of dollar signs.  No, it wasn’t a check for me.  It was a request of a check for him.  I have decided that this year I will not be decorating as much because for one not many of the family is actually coming by.  I have done enough to make me wish that Christmas was over already.  We have had a family tradition for quite a few years, and it seems that this year will be the last.  This was a tradition that my wifes mother started long before I met my wife.  It was fun while it lasted.  Here’s to you mother in law.  Now my wife is doing some shopping for any type of decorations that don’t cost much, and are things that we like.  Just the other day she found some outside light up trees at a very unique christmas ornaments sale.  This was the same place that she picked up her ornament for the ornament party that she is going to again this year.

Going to Disney for Christmas is something we are talking about now.  We haven’t done Christmas in Disney since @2000.  That was the same year we took my wifes mother to Disney.  She had some fun, but was in a lot of pain.

Do you have any holiday traditions that have changed over the years?

Disney News #4

Here we are again for another installment of Disney news from around the WWW.

1. Virgin Megastore in Downtown Disney will be closing this summer, along with the 5 other locations around the nation.

2. Disney Dining Experience is now to be known as Tables In Wonderland.

Pricing is as follows:
$100 for Florida residents
$75 for Annual Passholders
$50 Second membership on a account

3. Scheduled to debut in summer 2009, Stitch will be having a dance party on a newly constructed stage in Tommorowland.

4. Construction of the 2 new Disney Cruise Line ships has been initiated, after having a ceremony at the Meyer Werft location in Germany.

5. DisneyLand trains are running on BioDiesel.

6. High School Musical will return to the tv.  Slated for 2010, High School Musical will appear on tv everywhere with new stars.

7. Look who/what was spotted at Walt Disney World…


In case you can’t tell… It is a Sprint/Nextel operated promotion type bus.  Disney has a deal with Sprint/Nextel.  They must have decided that there was no better way to market the newest item in their line of phones… Blackberry 8350I Curve.