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Music And Sound Equipment Savings Are Available

I am not a very big music person.  I am however a big video gamer.  I never got into being in a band, or anything like that.  Maybe this is because I didn’t have the money to get into music earlier in my adulthood.

People that are into music sometimes don’t get the benefit of sales, or discounts. This is because musical equipment is something that holds its value rather well.  I have a few people in my family that are into musical instruments, and they could benefit from discounts, or even coupons.  I know that this could be good for one of them because they had some equipment get ruined in a fire at a band members house.

That being said I know that they will appreciate being able to Take 15 % off any item priced over $199 or more.  Being in the electronics business I will check to see if any of my customers need any new sound equipment.  I always make sure to give my customers the best price that I can.

If that isn’t enough savings then I don’t know what to tell you.

Are you into musical instruments?  If you were purchasing any equipment would this be something you took advantage of?  Is the economy making your music sound a bit weak?

Another Year…New Furniture Coming

This year we were able to avoid having to spend any major money on any furniture for the house.  On Christmas Eve I ended up finding out that our kitchen table had some serious structural issues, and had to be fixed before guests arrived.  I had to get my neighbor to help me out with getting some wood for me to make some temporary braces.

Now that Christmas is over my wife is now looking through papers for specials on furniture for the house.  I tried to tell her that we should be looking for good deals, but not cheap deals.  I am not one that likes to spend on the same thing multiple times in one year, and some furniture need not be replaced within 2-3 years from purchase.  I wish that I could afford the log furniture that you see at specialty shops, or in the smaller towns.  That furniture is made to last, and very nicely designed.

I can’t afford anything like that so I will have to suffice with whatever we can actually afford at this point.  If need be we will make alterations to our lives, and eat on our other table that has been with us for quite a few years.