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Something My Daughter Could Do

My daughter has one friend that comes over from time to time.  When she comes over she usually brings her guitar.  My daughter seems like she is interested in the guitar, but never actually admits it to us.  We would love nothing more than if our little one wanted to learn something that could occupy her time rather than the computer, or phone.

We have gotten her into soccer, but that is where she draws the line.  If you wanted your child to do something like learn guitar how would you go about doing it?

It Is Time I Look Into Getting Insurance

With my line of work comes some dangerous things.  I install satellites which puts me on roofs.  I install tvs which pits me against electric, tvs, and more.  I install CCTV systems which puts me on ladders.

I have always felt that I would live a very long time so I never felt the need to have a good insurance policy for either health, or life.  Now that I have been thinking about it I realize that if I had anything happen to me like falling and needing open back surgery that my family would not have any means of living comfortably.  The same goes if I lost my lie.

I am starting to look for a cheap insurance policy that I can get so that I can put my mind, as well as my family at ease.

School Is About To Start Again

Now that summer is just about over our little one has to look forward to returning to school.  Last year she walked to school.  This will be her first year riding a bus.  This will be a new experience for all of us.  When we walked her to school we would continue on afterwards and take our daily walk around the neighborhood.  With her going by bus it will definitelly be a change.  I will have to find ways to convince my wife to get her butt moving to take her walk.  She may have to find some weight loss pills at the rate she is going.

Our little one is going to be having a test run here at the house in preparation for those early morning bus stops.  We tried it once, and she was fine.  Once more should be what tells us if we are going to have to really be strict about what time she gets up, and also goes to bed.