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Do I Need Life Insurance?

I am starting to think that I do.  You see my wife is always goofing around about knocking me off, and I know it is a “Funny-Funny, HaHa”, but it made me think about what really would happen if something was to happen to me.  My daughter, and my wife would have to do some serious revamping of their lives.  This is because I am the only source of money for the family.  She doesn’t have the resources to cover a car payment, house payment, bills, and more.

This being said I happened to talk to a client of mine about getting a term life insurance quote.  She advised me that it wouldn’t be a major problem at all.  She started giving me rough calculations and that’s what made me decide that I will have to look further into getting a policy after the new year.  Money is tight right now, and I can’t afford the extra little bit that will be necessary.

I am not worried about what they do with me after I am gone.  Not like I can do anything about it anyway.  The things that I do to make sure my family is taken care of.