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Cooking Is What One Of My Brother In Laws Does Best

Years before I met my brother-in-laws I heard that they had worked in restaurants.  One of my brother-in-laws is an exceptional cook.  He moved down to Florida a little over a month ago, and now we don’t get to have any of his cooking like we did when he was here.

He is now looking for a job, and I hope that he finds a job doing what he is good at, and that is cooking.  Hopefully he will get lucky looking for a chef or head cook jobs.  If you are in the Jacksonville area, and need a good worker please let me know.

I know that we are going to try to stop and visit him on our way to Disney this coming Christmas.  Maybe I will have to have my wife ask him to make us something for the road.

Wife Is Trying Out Some New Video Games

My wife has been looking to find the answer to the commonly asked question of “How to reduce belly fat.”  I have been getting her as many exercise dvds, and video games as I can find.  She has played the Wii Fit, and the Wii Active.  Now I have been watching for the new Wii Active 2 that is supposed to be releasing.  She was very pleased with the results that came from using those titles.  I have yet to find any other games for the Wii that will help her in her weight loss endeavor.  The only thing that she has a problem with the Wii exercise games that I get her is that in the room we have the Wii setup in the Wii Fit board seems to be very touchy, and doesn’t seem to respond correctly the first time she sets it up.