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Ocean County Fair Here We Come

Last year was the first year we were a vendor at the Ocean County Fair.  We were there representing DirecTV, Sirius/XM, and a few other things.  We also went there to promote the installation side of the company.  Finding a reasonable price for a tv, or stereo installation isn’t that easy.  I also decided to try and promote inexpensive CCTV systems.  We had quite a few interested people.

This year we are pleased to announce that we are going to be at the Ocean County Fair again.  At the fair this year we are going to be promoting DirecTV, Sirius/XM, Camera Systems, and also our newest venture… Solar Electricity for your home.

The best part of the fair in comparison to an actual storefront was that I only had to pay a small fee for the booth, and present a certificate of liability insurance.  The fair seems to be a good way to get information out, and also get some business.

If you are in Ocean County then stop by the Ocean County Fair between July 10 and July 15.

Getting Sick Doesn’t Pay The Bills

Not trying to blow my own horn, but I will say that I’m a very hard worker because I work no matter what I feel like.  When you’re the boss you have no time for sick days, hobbies, vacations, etc.  It’s just one of the many things you have to do.  Even when I do get sick there is no time for post viral fatigue recovery when you’re the boss.  I try to tell this to my wife when she tells me how she hates working with me on days that she doesn’t feel good.  Sometimes I wish I could clone myself so I could have employees who work as hard as me.  I guess until then I’m stuck with my wife who I will say tries to be a good helpful assistant and I’m lucky to have that.  If most people in the workforce these days realized that “sick” to most people has a totally different meaning.  What is your meaning of sick?