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Coins Are Gaining Some Value

I was once a stamp collector, and I did a little coin collecting.  My daughter has picked up where I left off.  Whenever she gets a chance she tries to get any unique coins that she wants.  When we went to the Bahamas she requested a dollar worth of coins so that she could put them in her collection.  She has found many other odd coins.  I told her to put them away in a safe place and down the road she may want to part with it.

She doesn’t understand that coins in a bank aren’t safe.  Whenever she cashes her change in for dollar bills she realizes at the end that she has her collectible coins in there.  She has since asked for a collecting book of some sort.

This only comes up because my daughter has been searching the web for places that buy, and sell coins.  She found one site that lists prices, and even sells coins that are ungraded.  I told her to just buy Morgan dollar coins after I looked through the site.  The are old, and look like they may have a great value in the future.