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Would They Be More Comfortable

I have often asked my wife what kind of clothes she would wear in case I decided to go out and purchase some for her. She is very picky, and won’t wear just anything. Each year I happen to see women wearing equestrian clothing around the county fair. Considering I don’t wear womens clothing I don’t know anything about comfort, or what they wear. I asked my wife if riding pants would be comfortable being horse riders wear them. She said that they are designed for riding horses.

With that being said she said that stretch jeans, and spandex are both very similar, and that she would stick to them. I was also further told to stop trying to be a sweet husband, and leave the clothing shopping to her. Knowing that I don’t like shopping I have decided to do exactly what she asks. I will just have to leave shopping for my daughters clothes, my clothes, and her own clothes to my wife.

Things That I Have Changed In Working

I work for my uncle whenever possible.  When I first started working for him I would throw on new, or very good pants to go to work.  What I failed to keep in mind each time I did this was that they would have paint on them when I was finished working.  After a few weeks of this I finally heard from my wife that I was almost out of jeans.  We immediatelly took all the worn out jeans, and shirts, and put them in a specific place so that when I work with him I go to that pile.

For my business I just have to dress nice when I go to customer sites.  A few years back when we were with Circuit City we had a mandate telling us that we had to have rubber gloves, and foot coverings when we went onsite.  The only things we were missing to make us look like doctors was the scrubs uniforms.  After just one or two jobs we totally canned their mandate because of safety issues.

The rubber gloves were a nice thought, but I am a person that likes to have unrestricted use of my fingers when I am working on a customers tv.  They felt that the gloves would help in keeping things off the customers walls.  The shoe coverings were cut by me because they were very unsafe.  This is because certain flooring doesn’t play well with cloth.  This would have created a insurance issue if anything had happened while we were there.

Do you have a uniform?  Is there any part of it that doesn’t work for you sometimes?