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Christmas For My Uncle

This year we decided that we were going to try to figure out something unique for my uncle “L” for Christmas.  He is a very hard person for us to shop for.  He doesn’t watch much tv, doesn’t watch many movies, or much things that you can name.  We know he loves coffee.  Those types of presents get a bit boring after a few years.  He used to be big on pipes many years ago, but I haven’t seen him with one in some serious time.

What we did finally agree upon was cigars.  Not knowing about cigars much we did considerable research, and we were still totally lost.  We did run into a lot of specials on Davidoff cigars, and many others.  We made the best purchase that we could, and he was given them before Christmas because we won’t see him till after Christmas.  When we see him this coming week we will know just how bad of a shopper for cigars we really are.

With my uncle he won’t actually come out and tell you when you were off, but I think he will understand that we aren’t cigar smokers, and that we did the best we could.