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Golf Cart Modifications

During Modifications

We recently purchased a 1993 Club Car golf cart.  It will be used when we go camping.  When we got it there were no headlights, or tail lights.  Being of the skilled nature I decided I would take care of this far cheaper than purchasing an actual light kit designed for the golf cart.

First I went to Harbor Freight.  I purchased a $12 pair of fog lights.  I also purchased 2 LED marker lights.  Once I got home it took all of about 1 hour to install the lights correctly.

First I mounted the fog lights where I wanted them.  Next I mounted the On/Off switch where I wanted it.  Once I got that done I started the rear LED lights.  I took a pen and traced around the LED light on the fiberglass where I wanted them installed.  Then I took a dremel and cut the area out.  Once that was done I took the rubber boot for the LED lights and inserted it into the fiberglass.

Now for the wiring.  I ran a dedicated ground from one of the batteries in the 36volt system to the front of the cart.  I then ran a dedicated power from one of the batteries to the On/Off switch.  From the switch a wire went to one fog light, and then to the other fog light.  For the rear electric I ran a lead from one of the fog lights power side to the power side of one of the rear LED lights.  I then also ran the ground to one of the LED lights.  I then jumped a wire from one of the LED lights to the other.

When the switch is on the LED lights, and the fog lights come on.  The hardest part was getting the rear LED lights perfectly lined up.

The last modification I made was to put a small toggle switch in so that the cart will not work without the switch being on.  This was installed between the key switch, and the cart.  Even if the key switch is on the cart will not go because the toggle switch must be in the correct place.  This protects the cart from being “Played” with by kids.  (You know who you are…>!!!!!)

Getting Married Brings Many Things

I have heard many different things over the years.  When someone is getting married spur of the moment without major notice, and finally announces it to lots of people there is sometimes the thought that you are pregnant.  I would assume it is because people think alike.  Usually I would think the same thing.

The woman is usually the one that takes the bad end of the stick.  She probably gets a bit concerned when many people ask if she is pregnant, and then she goes out and takes a pregnancy test.  There are a few times in life that a bride does have a child, but not by the married father.  Those times call for paternity tests to answer the real question.

School Is About To Start Again

Now that summer is just about over our little one has to look forward to returning to school.  Last year she walked to school.  This will be her first year riding a bus.  This will be a new experience for all of us.  When we walked her to school we would continue on afterwards and take our daily walk around the neighborhood.  With her going by bus it will definitelly be a change.  I will have to find ways to convince my wife to get her butt moving to take her walk.  She may have to find some weight loss pills at the rate she is going.

Our little one is going to be having a test run here at the house in preparation for those early morning bus stops.  We tried it once, and she was fine.  Once more should be what tells us if we are going to have to really be strict about what time she gets up, and also goes to bed.