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A Week Without Wife And Child

What would it be like if your family decided they were going to go away for a week, and let you decide if you wanted to go or stay home?  In my house we are around each other a lot, and being around my wife, and my daughter, and one of her friends for a week would probably be very aggravating.

We have been camping for the last 2 months down in Mays Landing.  We have been allowing our daughter to bring a friend with her for the weekends.  Now that school is letting out my wife is going to go down to the campground for a week with them.  The only thing that I will miss is my wife cooking for me.  Down at the camper she makes some nice meals.  I spoil her by cooking some meals from time to time.  She lets me cook the “Man” meals.  Things like sirloin steaks, specialty hamburgers, and a few other things.

I will miss the wife and daughter for the week, but it may be just what I needed .  Maybe now I can get some work done around the house, and maybe even get a little game time in.

This will be the last of 2 weekends that we have at the site we got a good deal on.  Some of our friends, and family are likely to stop by.

Camper Work Is Complete

About 2 weeks ago we went to a camper place to get a new part for the heating system in the camper we were using.  While we were there my wife decided that she wanted to just look at pricing to see how the camper market had gone.  The salesman pointed us to a few units.  After going through them my wife and I decided on one specific unit.  We went back to the campsite to discuss getting it.  The next day we went back to the dealer and signed for it.

Once we got it back we went through the camper real good.  We checked the few things that we initially addressed at the camper dealer.  We found out that the salesman was far from truthful about some things.  The floor at the back of the camper has a problem.  When we asked the salesman he said that nothing was wrong and that the linoleum was just lifting.  He said that was normal.  My neighbor, and I put carpet and wood planking down over the linoleum.  Originally I was looking at garage floor tiles because I thought that they would be better for the amount of movement.

I used to be a salesman.  I can’t stand sales people.  They lie no matter what they say.  All in all we got a good deal, but the additional work that I had to put into it wasn’t something we planned on.

Camping Timeshare?

I got a call the other day from the campground that we normally stay at.  The manager was telling me about a new promotion that they were going to be offering.  Basically the promotion was $1000 for unlimited stays at any campground that they are part of.  This would be nice if we camped out a bit more than we do.  The biggest factor that pushes me away is that I have a timeshare, and I can’t afford to camp all that much currently.  This would be great if I could justify @20 nights of camping.  This calculation was arrived at by figuring @$50 per night.  The other thing that pushed me away is that I would still have rv towing to do.  The camper has to get there somehow, doesn’t it?

We talked last year about camping a bit more, and even thought of upgrading our current camper.  Money was a bit tight, and planning a cruise in April made us decide that we couldn’t afford to do that right now.  Eventually we do want to upgrade out of the current camper we are in because it is a bit small, and I would like to be comfortable when I camp.

What do you think about offers like this?  Would you take it if you thought you might use it?