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A Week Without Wife And Child

What would it be like if your family decided they were going to go away for a week, and let you decide if you wanted to go or stay home?  In my house we are around each other a lot, and being around my wife, and my daughter, and one of her friends for a week would probably be very aggravating.

We have been camping for the last 2 months down in Mays Landing.  We have been allowing our daughter to bring a friend with her for the weekends.  Now that school is letting out my wife is going to go down to the campground for a week with them.  The only thing that I will miss is my wife cooking for me.  Down at the camper she makes some nice meals.  I spoil her by cooking some meals from time to time.  She lets me cook the “Man” meals.  Things like sirloin steaks, specialty hamburgers, and a few other things.

I will miss the wife and daughter for the week, but it may be just what I needed .  Maybe now I can get some work done around the house, and maybe even get a little game time in.

This will be the last of 2 weekends that we have at the site we got a good deal on.  Some of our friends, and family are likely to stop by.

Black Friday Is Over

Now that Black Friday is over I don’t have to hear about this years shopping extravaganza anymore.  I was stupid enough to go to one store on Black Friday to make a purchase for someone, and I think that that will be the last time I am in those lines.  I would rather have my wife searching through coupons, discounts, or other online deals rather than subject myself to the madness that the holidays bring.

I worked Black Friday once in my life, and most of the people at that store were shocked to see me there that morning.  We were only back @50 people, but it seemed like we were 100 back.  Time didn’t move either.  I got there at @10:30pm, and by 11:30pm I was ready to leave.  All went well.  I got in, picked out the stuff, and left.  I didn’t see anyone camping out at the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets, but maybe that’s because you just can’t camp out there.

Now that Black Friday is over I get massive amounts of specials that stores are offering.  Go figure.