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Reviewing Policies We Have Established

We are bloggers that respect what we do, and what companies allow us to do.  Well, I have read stories about bloggers that do things just to get something for nothing.  When we started blogging we knew that for the first 6+ months that we wouldn’t make anything because we were too new, and needed to form our readership.  Now that we are established we get a lot of offers that we just honestly turn down.  We do have a few people that we are related to that will help us out with reviewing things when we are given the opportunity.  In general if it wasn’t for those people we wouldn’t review a lot of things we are offered.

I do a lot of the PR contacting, and as such I reply to the requests.  My wife has had some requests that just wouldn’t do her any good, and I don’t just review anything unless it is something I am somewhat interested in.  The most recent thing was she was able to review some fitness supplements.  We asked my brother in law that is into sports if he would do a Force Factor review, but he didn’t want to try out just anything that he has never dealt with.

If you are a blogger have you ever reviewed anything just to review it?  Do you think that doing this is wrong?

You Got What From Blogging?

We had to do a rather quick kitchen floor fix right before Christmas.  Why?  Well, we have had sticky squares of linoleum down on the floor for @6-7 years.  Over those years we have had water spill on it, water leaks, breaking tiles, and other things.  Quite a few of the tiles were badly scratched up, and we happened to have a box of the tile sitting in the basement.  We were having a party, and didn’t want to have anyone say anything so we decided to just quickly get it back in a better looking condition.  After I did this the floor looked a bit strange because various parts of the floor were brand new looking, and looked out of place.  It almost looked like scattered glass tile.

My wife tried telling her nephew that we had gotten some miracle stuff in from blogging, and that it turned a badly worn floor into a new looking floor.  He actually believed it for the first few minutes until she laughed, and then he knew that he had been had.

Succeeding At Blogging

I have learned over the last @2 years about different things a person can do to get further at blogging.  Our sites are between PR2 and PR4 at times.  Our visitors grow by the day.  I have made a list of different things that I do that have gotten us as far as they have.  Some of these apply to bloggers that review things so keep that in mind.

  • Goodle Adsense – You can gain revenue from ads appearing on your site.
  • Affiliates – Be sure to join affiliate program that will display ads and earn you commission on sales from those ads.
  • Marketing – If you see a product that you like then search for the PR contact information and contact them about the product.
  • Self Promotion – Make up business cards for your site, and if you want the extra visibility get magnets for your vehicle.
  • Social Networking – Join as many social networking sites.  This helps publicize your site and gain you traffic.

Here are a few general thoughts for you if you are thinking about blogging.

  • Make sure you are up to speed with the FCC guidelines about disclosure about reviewing and compensation.
  • If you are going to blog first find a domain name that helps sum up what you are doing.
  • Blog as much as possible.  Companies like to see you posting more than once a week.
  • Once you are established you will get contacted by companies looking to advertise, and they will pay going rate if your site fits.
  • Don’t get a subdomain blog.  Most companies have stopped working with subdomained blog sites.  (ex.. JoesStuff.******.com)
  • Register your own domain name.  Don’t go through a company that does it for you because it will take work to move it later.

In the beginning I self-hosted my sites from my own servers.  I have found a few good sources that offer huge discounts when you sign up.

Here are some of the sites that I recommend for any blogger…

Facebook, MySpace, BlogCatalog

Commission Junction, Linkshare, ClickBank

If you need any other help please feel free to contact me and I would be willing to give you some assistance.  I don’t mind mentoring anyone.  I have done it before, and will do it again.