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What Do You Get From Commenters?

We have been blogging for quite some time now.  We are always amazed at how many people send us emails, and comments about reviewing their product.  That wouldn’t be that bad if those people were expecting a review without ever touching, or experiencing their product.  I have received emails about reviewing services based on a website, and also reviews based on medical information.  We left a group of bloggers that were supposed to be “Ethical”, when in fact some of their bloggers do reviews on things that they have never touched.  Some of those same bloggers receive payment for those reviews, and the reviews are purely garbage.  We sometimes review things that we buy, or are given because we feel that any information is good information.  We will not stoop below the line of what some bloggers do.  We do reviews to help others in their search for information.  We specifically look for the signs that the people have actually tried it.  When my daughter started having acne problems we specifically looked for acne treatment reviews, but made sure that there was some sort of information that told us they had actually experienced it.

Do you have a site?  Have you ever gotten pitched to review something without receiving it?  How do you handle it?